Sous Vide Pork Belly Bites


These vacuum pork belly bites are absolutely irresistible! They cook low and slowly for 12 hours, then they become crispy on the grill for an easy BARBECUE appetizer! You will need it at your next party.

Cooking pork belly can seem daunting to the average home chef. This is a very fatty piece of meat, and if you do not cook it properly, it can get to a texture that can be anything from hard to almost sticky.

The traditional way to cook pork belly is to fry it for a long time to get the most fat and crunch the skin, but I prefer to cook my pork belly sous vide to make sure it is cooked exactly the way I want it.

Sous Vide, then grill!

To divide the belly a little easier and enjoy the barbecue season, I like to cut the belly into thick boards, skewer them with a simple barbecue glaze and grill them until crispy around the edges!

This is a great appetizer if you want something simple and easy, because most of the cooking can happen while you sleep – Yes, I cook it overnight!

Pork Belly Cooking

Pork belly can be cooked sous vide at a range of cooking temperatures. If you want a firmer, steak-like texture for pork belly, cook it at 158°F.

Personally, I like to cook mine a little higher at 170°F, which gives a little more fat and gives you very tender and melting bites in the mouth. There is no fixed Rule!

Trim and trim The abdomen

Even after cooking, the pork belly still has a lot of fat. Cool the pork belly completely (which makes it easier to cut), and then cut off all the overhanging pieces of fat and those parts where the belly is very thin. You want a coarse rectangle of evenly thick pork belly.

You can use all the remaining pieces of cooked belly in your next batch of Pasta Carbonara or make them crispy in a frying pan to serve with a salad!

Another note about the cut that relates to the bark (or skin) on the pork belly. I always leave that on my pork belly. It helps to keep the bites together and becomes crispy even on the barbecue! It’s like a little Chicharrón on your pork belly bite. Delicious!

This means that if you do not like the texture of the bark, you can cut it, but just know that your bites become very fragile and they can collapse on the grill.

I found the right size for a good pig belly bite is about 1/2 inch thick and 1 1/2 inch long. This is a piece big enough so that it does not collapse on the grill, but not so big that it becomes more than a bite

Grilling pork belly

These pork belly bites can absorb a lot of heat, but you don’t want to cook them for too long on the grill, otherwise they will collapse.

On a gas grill set to high temperature, you only need about 2-3 minutes on each side to develop a good frying. If you use charcoal, then 1-2 minutes on each side is enough for direct heat.

Remember that the pork belly is already perfectly cooked! We heat it, add the icing and crunch it!

When the bites come out of the grill, sprinkle them with sesame seeds and distribute them warmly to your friends!

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